Check the connected Creo Session is running

Always connect the Creo with VB application while accessing Creo content and disconnect it while not required. If creo session is not running while executing the VB API application, it may throws errors. Hence the user need to ensure the Creo session status before execute their core logic.

VB API Function 

Function IsRunning  () as Boolean 

Sample Code

Check Creo Session is Running
// This statements should be used at the time of Creo Connection
Public AConnection As IpfcAsyncConnection
AConnection = CConnection.Connect(Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, 10)

// Use this code to check the Connected Creo Session is running
    If (AConnection.IsRunning() = True) Then    // AConnection is IpfcAsyncConnection which called at the time of Creo Connection

        // Your Code here!
        MessageBox.Show("Creo Session Running", "Check Connection")
        MessageBox.Show("Creo Session Not Running", "Check Connection")
    End If


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