How to right align text in the UI Input Panel in Creo Toolkit

It would be better to align the numbers (E.g: price) values to right side in the UI Input panel. This can be achieved in Creo Toolkit by Reading Order.

Aligned Text in Input Panel

Please set the value of Reading Order in your input panel property to true. The default values is false.

Sample UI Code

Simple UI with Right Aligned Input Panel
(Dialog Dialog1
        (InputPanel InputPanel1)
        (PushButton PushButton1)
        (InputPanel1.Columns 5)
        (InputPanel1.Value "45")
        (InputPanel1.HelpText "Enter Values")
        (InputPanel1.HelpTag "H")
        (InputPanel1.BackgroundColor 15)
        (InputPanel1.ReadingOrder True)
        (InputPanel1.HelpTextAlignment 1)
        (PushButton1.Label "ACCEPT VALUES")
        (.ResourceHints "Version:Creo4")
                (Rows 1 0)
                (Cols 1)
                InputPanel1 PushButton1

If you’re UI designer in FrontEnd then Set the value Right to Left in the Reading Order.

Please refer the below image to update Read Order


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