syncronous vs asynchronous mode

Synchronous Vs Asynchronous Mode – Creo Customization

No Synchronous Mode Asynchronous Mode 01 DLL mode Multi-process mode (spawned mode) 02 Application and Creo parametric do not perform concurrent operations Creo Parametric & Plugin can perform concurrent operations 03 Application process is the child process of Creo parametric (xtop.exe) Using remote procedure calls (rpc) for communication between the application and Creo Parametric 04…
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CREO Parametric Session Objects

Session Objects in Creo Parametric – VB API

Session objects are highest level objects in the VB API. User IpfcSession class to access Session objects of the Creo Parametric application. The IpfcSession object contains methods to perform the following operations To access the models and windows To work with User Interface of the Creo Parametric To allow the user to select items through…
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Non interactive and Non Graphical Mode

Non-Interactive and non-graphical mode in Creo using VB API

VB API allows user to start Creo in both non-interactive and non-graphical mode. VB API only supports Creo in asynchronous mode, and while starting Creo, use the following option to initiate it in non-interactive mode -g:no_graphics—Turn off the graphics display. -i:rpc_input—Causes Creo Parametric to expect input from your asynchronous application only. Note: Both of the…
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Get & Set Browser Size in the Creole Window

Get & Set Browser Size in the Creo Window using VB API

User can get and set the Creo browser size using VB API Get Browser Size Function GetBrowserSize () as Double Returns the percentage of the graphics window covered by the embedded web browser.  Not applicable if browser is open in separate window. Returns: The percentage of the window covered, from 0.0 (the browser is minimized)…
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Get & Set Browser Size in the Creole Window (2)

Get the current URL and Set URL in Creo Browser Window using VB API

Using VB API we can get and set the URL in the browser window. To Get URL use the following API function Function GetURL() as String Returns the URL displayed in the embedded web browser. Returns: The URL. To Set URL use the following API function Sub SetURL (URL as String) Sets the URL displayed…
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Basic Window Operations in Creole VB API

Basic window Operations in Creo VB API

Creo VB API provides functions to control Creo windows. Here I’m gonna show how to do the basic window operation such as clear window, close window, refresh window and repaint window. Activate Window To activate the window we can use Activate() function from Ipfcwindow class in VB API. This method only works in asynchronous graphics…
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Create Connection ID

Create Connection ID in VB API

Connection ID is playing the important role in VB API application to connect the required Creo session from multiple Creo Session. Since VB API application can connect to one instance of Creo session at the time, it is important to Create connection ID to connect and reconnect the Creo Syntax to Create Session ID Create…
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Get the Creo Window Information using VB API

Creo VB API allows the user to get windows information such as window id, dimensions, location, graphics area dimensions, etc. To get these information follow these steps. Declare the required variables Declare the required variables Get the current session Here the Aconnection is the variable declared at the time of Creo Connection or Creo Start…
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Get Active Connection

How to Get Active Connection in Creo VB API

In Creo VB API application, User can easily get the active connection with Creo Session using the following function Function – Get Active Connection If the application is connected with Creo Session then the user can utilize this function, Otherwise this function couldn’t be used. Sample Code Get Active Connection in VB API Note: User…
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Ensure creo session running

Check the connected Creo Session is running

Always connect the Creo with VB application while accessing Creo content and disconnect it while not required. If creo session is not running while executing the VB API application, it may throws errors. Hence the user need to ensure the Creo session status before execute their core logic. VB API Function  Sample Code Check Creo…
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