create dimension between two edges using creo vb api

Create a dimension between two edges using Creo VB API

Creating dimensions in the drawing is one of the mandatory processes while doing drawing automation. Here the article to demonstrate how to create a dimension between two edges but its id using Creo VB API Procedure Get Session from IpfcAsyncConnection Get the current model and convert it into Model2D since it is a drawing Get…
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create projection view using creo vb api

How to create projection view in the drawing using Creo VB API

In cad automation, automatically creating drawing from the model is one of the essential process to generate manufacturing drawing for production. Here this article is to demonstrate to generate projection drawing view from the general view using Creo VB API Procedure Get session from the IpfcAsyncConnection Get model and drawing Set the location of projection…
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create drawing from base template creo vb api

How to create a drawing from the base template using Creo VB API

Using Creo VB API developer can automatically create a drawing from predefined template. Usually template is the drawing file with basic part view, dimension and notes. when we call the updated or new part with varying dimension, we can use the existing template to follow the rules. Here the procedure to do this Create session…
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add menu item creo vb api

Create a menu item from Creo VB API Asynchronous Application

Creo VB API allows user to create menu item inside the Creo window using VB API commands Procedure Create IpfcAsyncConnection Get the Session from IpfcAsyncConnection Create IpfcUICommand Add UIButton in the Session Create a text file names “CommandSample.txt” for command label and help and place it in the text folder Add action listener to the…
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programmatically select a component from an assembly in creo using vb api

Programatically select a component from an assembly in Creo Parametric using VB API

We can programmatically select any component from an assembly using VB API in Creo Parametric. Here the procedure to follow Get base session from AsyncConnection Get the Current model from the base session Convert the model into solid List out the solid items and select the components using the index of the component or Select…
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interactively selecting creo objects

Interactively selecting objects from Creo Parametric using VB API

Creo VB API allows selecting objects from Creo Parametric interactively. The object may be a point, axis, datum, part, assembly, or any creo parametric objects. Here the procedure to call it in program Get a base session from the Async connection Create Select Options Set the maximum number of items to select Set objects to…
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display message creo parametric

Displaying Message in the Creo Parametric using VB API

Displaying message in the Creo Parametric is one of the vital element to interact with the user. Consider if the designer doing some activity in the model but your application should warn them or inform them to advise some operations. In such cases, we need to show the message to the user via the Creo…
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list out files in the directory using session objects using Creo Parametric VB API

List out Files from the Directory using Session Objects in VB API

Creo Parametric VB API allows the user to get the list of files available in the directory. Let’s check how it is working with the sample code. Steps to follow Create a IpfcAsyncConnection Create a IpfcBaseSession Retrieve the session from IpfcAsyncConnection Get the files by passing the arguments File Version, If any custom version, and…
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troubleshooting creo vb api while Creo connect and disconnect

Troubleshooting VB API Application during Creo Start & Connect

Here the general guide to troubleshooting VB API application while starting and connecting Creo Parametric. The common error during Creo Start and Creo Connect command is as follows. XToolkitNotFound Make sure the command is correct. Make sure the executable or script path $PATH is set correctly. Try full path of Creo Parametric in the command.…
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syncronous vs asynchronous mode

Synchronous Vs Asynchronous Mode – Creo Customization

No Synchronous Mode Asynchronous Mode 01 DLL mode Multi-process mode (spawned mode) 02 Application and Creo parametric do not perform concurrent operations Creo Parametric & Plugin can perform concurrent operations 03 Application process is the child process of Creo parametric (xtop.exe) Using remote procedure calls (rpc) for communication between the application and Creo Parametric 04…
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