Session Objects in Creo Parametric – VB API

Session Objects in Creo Parametric – VB API

CREO Parametric Session Objects

Session objects are highest level objects in the VB API. User IpfcSession class to access Session objects of the Creo Parametric application.

The IpfcSession object contains methods to perform the following operations

  • To access the models and windows
  • To work with User Interface of the Creo Parametric
  • To allow the user to select items through interaction via mouse or keyboard.
  • To access and control the global settings such as lines styles, colours and configuration options.

Sample code to list files in the session

    Imports pfcls
    Public BSession As IpfcBaseSession

    ' this function works with WPF application
    ' UI elements used
    ' 1. TextBox - To filter the version
    ' 2. TextBox - To set the file path 
    ' 3. Button - To read the files

    Private Sub list_files(sender As Object, e As RoutedEventArgs) Handles btn_list_files.Click
            BSession = AConnection.Session

            Dim Filter As String = tb_CustomVersion.Text
            Dim Version As EpfcFileListOpt

            ' Checkbox given in the UI to get only latest version files
            If rb_LatestVersion.IsChecked Then
                Version = EpfcFileListOpt.EpfcFILE_LIST_LATEST
                Version = EpfcFileListOpt.EpfcFILE_LIST_ALL
            End If

            ' Textbox given in the UI to set the path where to retrive the files
            Dim Path = tb_ListFilePath.Text

            ' Set the list empty before adding items to it

            ' Iterating all the files and adding to the list
            For Each items In BSession.ListFiles(Filter, Version, Path)

        Catch ex As Exception
            MessageBox.Show(ex.ToString, "Error Message")
        End Try

    End Sub

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