How to create projection view in the drawing using Creo VB API

How to create projection view in the drawing using Creo VB API

In cad automation, automatically creating drawing from the model is one of the essential process to generate manufacturing drawing for production. Here this article is to demonstrate to generate projection drawing view from the general view using Creo VB API


  1. Get session from the IpfcAsyncConnection
  2. Get model and drawing
  3. Set the location of projection view from general view
  4. List out all the drawing views from the drawing
  5. Find the general view from it name
  6. Create Projection view instructions
  7. Create Project View

Sample Code

 Private Sub btn_CreateProjection_Click(sender As Object, e As RoutedEventArgs)
            BSession = AConnection.Session
            Model = BSession.CurrentModel
            Model2Ds = CType(Model, IpfcModel2D)
            Drawing = CType(Model, IpfcDrawing)

            Dim Location As New CpfcPoint3D
            Dim XVla As Double = 1.0 ' location x axis to place project view
            Dim YVal As Double = 1.0 'location y axis to place projection view
            Location.Set(0, XVla)
            Location.Set(1, YVal)
            Location.Set(2, 0.0)

            Dim ParentView As IpfcView2D
            Dim View2Ds As IpfcView2Ds = Drawing.List2DViews
            For i = 0 To View2Ds.Count - 1
                Dim View2D As IpfcView2D = View2Ds.Item(i)
                If View2D.Name = tb_GeneralViewName.Text Then
                    ParentView = View2D
                    Dim CProjectionViewCreateInstruction As New CCpfcProjectionViewCreateInstructions
                    Dim IProjectionViewCreateInstruction As IpfcProjectionViewCreateInstructions = CProjectionViewCreateInstruction.Create(
                        ParentView, Location)
                End If
        Catch ex As Exception
            MessageBox.Show(ex.ToString, "Failure")
        End Try
    End Sub

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