Connect Creo by It’s connection ID in VB API

Connect Creo by It’s connection ID in VB API

Connect by Connection ID

To connect a specific Creo Session from multiple session, VB API provides the function ConnectById(). Here this article is for how to implement this function.


Function CCpfcAsyncConnection.ConnectById  (Id as IpfcConnectionId, TextPath as String [optional], TimeoutSec as Long [optional]) as IpfcAsyncConnection 
  • Connects to a specific Creo Parametric session by passing the identification string.
  • The ID string for a given session can be obtained from IpfcAsyncConnection.GetConnectionId().
  • The application may only connect to one Creo Parametric session at any time.



The connection id string is which previously obtained for the Creo Parametric session you wish to connect to


The path under which the message and menu files are held. If no external messaging or menus are needed pass null.


The time, in seconds, to wait for Creo Parametric to respond to the connection request. Pass null to use the default timeout.


Object representing the asynchronous connection.

  1. Declare the required variables (IpfcAsyncConnection, CCpfcAsyncConnection)
  2. Get Connection ID
  3. Connect by ConnectionID


Connect Creo By Connection ID

Public AConnection As IpfcAsyncConnection
Public CConnection As New CCpfcAsyncConnection
Dim ConnectionID
    AConnection = CConnection.Connect(Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, 10)
    ConnectionID = AConnection.GetConnectionId            
    CConnection.ConnectById(ConnectionID, ".", 10)
    Dim ConnectionString =     AConnection.GetConnectionId.ExternalRep.ToString()
    MessageBox.Show("Connected by ID: " & ConnectionString & " Created", "Success")
Catch ex As Exception
    MessageBox.Show(ex.ToString(), "Connect By ID Failure")
End Try

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